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Home Care and Animal Center Nurmolandia was founded in April 2018, as Eva's long-time dream of combining animals and children in her work.

Nurmolandia is located at the Nurminen family home in Jämsä, Central Finland. It's a 10 min drive from Himos, 45 min from Jyväskylä, 60 min from Tampere and 2 h 30 min from Helsinki.

Eva is married with two kids, a boy 6 yrs (2014) and a girl 8 yrs (2012)

Eva is also active in the local association of MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare) in Jämsä and the whole family is a support family for PeLa (Save the Children).

In 2006 Eva graduated as Practical Nurse and 2018 as a Tutor for children and family work.

Eva's work career includes working in both senior homes/geriatrics and kindergarten, as well as educating children of all ages in physical training and how to deal with animals.

Nurmolandia has over 50 animals and 12 species of animals. In Nurmolandia you can see and admire horses, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, quail, bunnies, dogs and cats all year round. In the summer you can also watch small calves that are in "summer care" at Nurmolandia. Nurmolandia's Domestic Animal Yard is open depending on Eva's other work, so the best way to get to meet the animals, is by contacting Eva directly, contact channels below.

Besides the animal husbandry activities, various farm work days, riding for beginners and experienced people, hiking with animals and nature walks in Nurmolandia's forest, as well as other animal activities are organized in Nurmolandia Animal Center.

We are part of the Green Care Finland organization and we work keeping nature and animal life in mind.

Please have a look at the services below, if it's something else you're looking for, please contact us and let us tailor the package that is right for you!

Eva also works as a family worker, i.e. cares for children and carries out homework in the Jämsä region; she is also available for tourists, for example looking after your children.

Eva speaks Finnish and English fluently, also some Swedish.


We accept payment with cash or bank/credit card. (Most common debit/credit cards)

- Farm Day 35e / 1h / person

(getting to know animals and how to care for them, chores at the farm, enjoy campfire coffee and sausage)

- Birthday Party at Nurmolandia 150 € / 2 h

(Max. 20 guests, Nurmolandia offers the place and the animals for the guests to admire. It is also possible to arrange In Hand Riding)

- Bachelor Party / Hen Night 55€ / 1h

(The Bachelor/Bachelorette can do some farm work and ride or drive a cart. In winter either a ride in a Lapp's sledge or equestrian skiing)

- Nature Hike with animals 2-4 persons 50 € / 2 h, 6-8 persons 80 € / 2 h

(goats, sheep, pony, donkey or dog will accompany if desired, campfire coffee/juice and sausage)

- Supervised riding off-road, advanced riders 40 € / 1 h or 65 € / 2

(the rider her/himself will harness the pony/horse and take the harness off afterwards)

- In Hand Riding 30 € / 30 min

(pony or horse, harnessing the pony / horse together, riding on field or terrain and take the harness off together; Eva will assist and show you how)

- Home Help Service for families with children 33€/h

(including the care of a sick or needy child, breastfeeding support, etc. It's possible to pay by vouchers issued by the City of Jämsä or privately

Please note that customers are not insured by Home Care and Animal Center Nurmolandia!!

In the Nurmolandian eläimet section you will find presentations in Finnish and pictures of the animals!

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